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80 Flash staff graduated over 300 administrative courses at Flash Academy

Successful Businessman Gives Back to the Community During Pandemic

Executive Director of Flash Components, Mr Yaron Schapiro, decided that in time of pandemic, it was time for him to give to others - while remaining successful personally during lockdown. As part of his business, he opened a free academy for community leaders so they learn more practical tools to be successful, even during lockdown.

Schapiro attributes his success to the Hubbard Management System developed by L. Ron Hubbard, which he started to implement in 2012. Using this system IS what makes my business successful, even during lockdown,” he claims.

He explains that as part of his success, he has also gotten his staff through some of the basic administrative courses which adds to the expansion. “I have a great team, with each member doing what they are doing with interest and together, we are successful,” says Schapiro.

Courses are delivered self-pace at the students’ own speed

Seeing how his staff reacted to learning this practical knowledge, he looked around and with the pandemic affecting hundreds of thousands of businesses, he wanted to assist. “To me, if I can remain successful with my 100 staff during such time, I know I have in my hands something that works and so I offered it to other businesses so that they too could learn and apply it at their businesses to be successful too. In addition, we are making the training available free of charge to any community leaders, pastors and clergymen of any denomination.”

”This course has opened my eyes to many things. My work is lighter and can easily apply the correct tools to increase productivity in my work area and any other area that I can control. I recommend this course to anyone and everyone that wants to be successful and have a great speed of particle flow! An awesome course!”

Students loving doing the training courses

Another businessman stated, “I stand in awe at the great work Flash Components CC is doing. Today I was afforded the privilege of meeting with this incredible business owner Yaron Schapiro Consulting and the meeting has left an indelible mark on me. The passion he has for his people and their development is so inspirational. I jumped at the opportunity to learn and develop my own skills through the Flash Academy. I look forward to working in partnership and learning all I can through this wonderful opportunity.” C.D. Business Executive Cape Town.

Seeing the success in others as well, Schapiro says he feels even more excited to assist other businessmen. “In time like this pandemic, we all have to pitch in to assist each other. There is no option. This is the best way I can assist and it makes me happy to do so,” concluded Schapiro.

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