How The FPC is Different

Benefits of a member

FPC provides a forum to:

  1. Network and extend your reach into new markets
  2. Support all members through workshops, seminars, training courses, and consultation
  3. Keep club members motivated, educated and progressing upward
  4. Teach business knowledge, and life skills which you can put into PRACTICE immediately. Our courses are based on a workable, tested and proven method of handling life situations, challenges and business expansion
  5. Our mentors are trained and experienced and can assist in handling the various situations that come up in day-to-day business: be it a work-related circumstance without no apparent solution, a threatened insolvency, a difficulty with unproductive or troublesome personnel, ethics situations, or even personal life problems

How We Do This

The Club meets twice a month with a specific subject – from management by statistics to financial solvency and everything in between – delivered by an expert in the field. These powerful natural laws are ignored at your peril. The idea is to arm you with knowledge that you can apply immediately, so you can bring feedback at the following meeting on the progress made.

We take care of our members. We help them identify the strong points and the weak points in their activities so that the obstacles to expansion can be removed (and it really is as simple as identifying obstacles – remove these, and business expands with relatively little effort).

For those who require specific consulting in their business, there are trained consultants who can be hired to assist.

We also have periodic seminars delivered by prominent business people. For example, the secret of selling (with hands-on training); defining your organisational goals (if you don’t have these well defined, your opposition will define them for you); business ethics (are you delivering adequately, poorly or in abundance – only one of these guarantees prosperity); maximizing your marketing spend (yes, there are laws for this too); management by statistics (without this, you are flying blind and will eventually fail).