Why Flourish & Prosper

A sense of achievement

We believe there are certain natural laws that govern organizational expansion (or, for that matter, contraction) and it is our purpose to help our members identify and master these laws. American author and philosopher L. Ron Hubbard*, in his research into the mind and spirit, identified certain immutable laws that govern all organizational activities. Although Mr Hubbard is best known as the founder of the Church of Scientology, these laws are applicable to organizations of any type or character and they are not related to religious doctrines as such. Indeed, it has been found that where businesses succeed, they have – knowingly or not – been applying natural law that relate to organizational expansion. Where they fail, these laws have been violated. Knowing these laws, we can be in control of our destinies and reverse any crisis or downturn.

The Flourish & Prosper Club is entirely secular and welcomes people from all faiths and walks of life. Our primary goal is to assist our members in expanding their business activities using the workable and practical administrative technology developed by L Ron Hubbard.

We provide training and mentoring in these natural laws which, when applied, have been found uniformly to bring about expansion and prosperity.

We provide a forum for like-minded business people to network and build long-lasting relationships. We believe everyone has leadership potential – and that leadership skills can be learned, but that leadership is demonstrated only in practice.

We welcome all who wish to embark on this exciting journey.

What We Do

This is a membership of like-minded business people wanting to share their successes and to assist others to gain success through training, learning, and implementing skills and knowledge that create success, that is tried and tested, and through this network of people, together inspire change, leadership and development and grow our businesses and support other businesses to do the same.

Invite others to join, be responsible for them and their involvement and success with their business through implementation of what they have learned.