Benefits of Being a Member

Apart from being part of a collective group of like-minded business thinking people who strive for success and seek to help their fellow members to achieve the same, here are some fringe benefits ...

Flourish & Prosper Club member (free):

  1. Free bi-weekly seminars/webinars
  2. Discounts on books
  3. Newsletters with inspiring success stories
  4. Business Tips and useful articles
  5. Access to Business Consulting services to help you with your business needs
  6. One free on-line business course
  7. Discounts on on-line business courses
  8. Free mentoring sessions
  9. Networking with other members
  10. Access to International Speaker Seminars

How We Do This

Being connected to the club and other members means that one has his attention on his business or himself at that time, giving 'business time' a different meaning. Working on youtself or your business should have valuable time assigned to it, and this is one way of doing so that ensures it happens. Apart from that, the practical side of 'learning' gets applied here.

This is not just a networking exercise. You are learning practical skills, that are tried and field tested, to apply in your life or business. Your wins and successes are shared in the group, and this further spurs you on.